We Will Help You Grow Your Skills and Embark on a Successful Career

After graduating from college or university or taking a long break from the world of work, chances are, you are struggling to make your way into the labour market. You have probably tried everything by now, going over hundreds of job posts everyday, polishing up your CV and online profiles, writing your cover letter, and participating in job fairs. Despite your best efforts, however, nothing seems to be working. If that is the case, Julie Ann Consulting is here to help.

We are experts in entry-level recruitment, and we can work with you to jumpstart your career. Whether it is CV and interview preparation you need, career advice, or direct matching with job opportunities, we have you covered.

Assistance during recruitment is not the only thing we can help you with. Because skills and experience are big qualifications that majority of employers prioritise over grades, we can sponsor your training so you can gain those things in a matter of weeks. We offer 150 sponsored training slots on a monthly basis. Many of the candidates we have sponsored in the past were able to secure full time work due in part to the training they have received through our help.

Receive Recruitment and Training
Support from Julie Ann Consulting

What You can Gain from Julie Ann Consulting's Sponsored Training?

Know that training is a vital tool and investment for anyone out there looking for a job, and you are not an exemption. Take a look at what our sponsored training can bring to the table that will certainly benefit you personally and professionally.

Understanding of a Particular Sector and Role

Knowing what a sector is all about and what a particular role entails is a learning experience that we emphasise in our training. For instance, if your interest lies in accounting, our training will give you everything you need to know about the processes, practices, challenges, and tools of the trade. We will also teach you how to implement them in real work situations.

Employment Skills Development

Today’s employers are especially attracted to candidates who can bring valuable work skills on the table, and that is one qualification you can get from our training. We will help you enhance specific skills set you will need in your targeted career, whilst also building your general business awareness. These, in turn, should help build up your professional profile.

Total Flexibility

If you are juggling two or more jobs to pay the bills or caring for a dependent, you likely do not have the luxury of time to attend daytime training courses. With our training program, your situation will not be a barrier to gain the skills you require. The beauty of our training is that everything takes place online and you can do it at a time that is convenient for you. You can organise your training schedule to fit in with your life, allowing you to attend to your current job or other commitments.

Opportunity for Career Exploration

Having a complete understanding of the demands and challenges of a job will help you envision how you can successfully fit into that role. You can also decide if the job you are training for is something that you truly wish to pursue or if you want to venture somewhere else.

Access to Ongoing Support

Our support team is easily accessible in the event that you encounter a problem during your training. You can be assured that you will receive the help that you need to complete your training with ease.

Undertake a Valuable Training that can Strongly Impact Your Future Career

A job search is called as such because you literally have to search for an employer and career position that will allow you to earn and grow professionally. During your search, you will realise that your personality, attitude, degree, and the university from where you graduated can only do so much to get you noticed and hired by an employer. As such, it is important that you also embark on a training as part of your preparation, because it can definitely do wonders to your professional development and profile.

To start with, training can help bridge the gap between your current skills and that of the skills required by hiring companies. That means you will have the qualifications needed for a particular job position, thereby giving you better chances at getting hired. Training can also raise your general awareness of a sector, letting you become familiar with its practices and challenges. With that, you will be able to adjust well on the job and whatever situation and task it throws at you. Moreover, you will be able to perform in multi-dimensional areas, which should make your future job more challenging and interesting.

Julie Ann Consulting can provide just the right kind of training that you need to make your career happen. We have all the materials and tools that will let you upgrade your skills and make you a more attractive and qualified candidate for a particular role. It does not matter if you are a fresh graduate, career switcher, or someone returning from work after a long break. Rest assured that our training is just what you need to jumpstart your career.

Interested? Give us a call today so we can discuss our training opportunity in detail or immediately submit your application so we can assess your eligibility for our program.

Hassle-Free Training Process

We made our training process as straightforward as possible. That way, once you have completed the program, you can immediately set out to find the job that is right for you. Take a look at how our process works.

1. Prepare your application and submit it to us for review.

2. Our team will assess your application to see if you are eligible for our funded training program. This includes a review of your CV and a series of telephone interviews with our consultants.

3. When you pass our assessment, you can start undertaking our professional development training.

Know More

Cost is often cited by candidates as one of the biggest drawbacks for undertaking training. This factor should not be a problem with Julie Ann Consulting. We provide a fully-funded training to deserving candidates, so they can work on their qualifications without worries. Terms and conditions apply for this funded training opportunity, which will be discussed by our consultants to candidates.