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Frequently Asked

We focus on entry-level recruitment. In a way, we have made it our advocacy to give new graduates, career switchers, and work returnees the opportunity to jumpstart their career and help companies find qualified candidates for their entry-level vacancies.

We carefully vet all candidates before they are shortlisted for a job position. Our vetting process includes thorough review of CV as well as interviews to assess the candidates’ personalities, work attitude, and capability. We only recommend qualified and capable candidates to our clients.

We’re focused on providing a quality and sustainable recruitment service to all our clients. To ensure that we provide the right quotation, we prefer to discuss this directly and in detail to make sure that the cost is suited for the type of service we will deliver.

We encourage everyone, especially new graduates, to apply. However, since this is sponsored by us, we have an assessment process to determine deserving candidates. Rest assured that we do our assessment thoroughly and objectively to give everyone a chance.

On average, it can take 3 weeks to complete the training. However, it may take shorter or longer depending on your pace and the amount of time you spend doing the tasks.

Yes, we do. You can easily reach out to our Learning Support team in case you have any questions related to your course.

We sponsor all our trainings. However, we only offer 150 fully-funded trainings on a monthly basis. So slots tend to be limited.

No. We do not provide guarantees to our candidates that they can secure work after completing any of our trainings. Know that the main point of our training program is to help improve your qualifications. Hiring decisions are made by companies and not by us.

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