London-based Julie Ann Consulting is a specialist in entry-level recruitment. We have placed our undivided attention and effort in assisting candidates, particularly those who are fresh out of college or university, switching careers, or returning for work after a long break. We aid them in getting their job search in order and putting their career on track.

We also work with companies to hire a new wave of talented employees to join their teams. We handle everything, from sourcing and screening to orientation and on-boarding.

Put it simply, we are here to help candidates and employers save time, money, and effort by doing the heavy lifting on their behalf.

Assistance We Provide to Candidates

The assistance we provide to candidates to help them find the right entry-level position is unparalleled. We use our expertise and insider knowledge to provide a personalised-level of service to candidates. That includes determining their range of skills, exploring career options, improving their professional profiles, finding available positions, sending out applications, and arranging interviews with hiring companies. Career advice is also given by our reliable recruiters to enable candidates to make informed decisions about their future career moves.

Moreover, we have considered that many of the candidates we assist lack certain skills and work experience that can help them standout. So as part of our recruitment, we sponsor the training for some of our candidates. This is the solution we have thought of to give them the opportunity to overcome their shortcomings and give them a better chance at getting interviews and securing a job.

Our sponsored trainings encompass sectors like administration, business management, finance, and marketing, just to name a few. We are expanding our training solution to cover other sectors, so more candidates will be given the opportunity to augment their knowledge and gain valuable work skills and experience.

Assistance We Provide to Employers

As with candidates, the recruitment process is equally challenging for employers. It becomes even more difficult when it comes to finding the right fit for entry-level open positions. Think, planning strategies to attract applicants, going through hundreds of applications to shortlist candidates, arranging and conducting interviews, and taking care of the on-boarding process. There is a lot that goes into the process that can be overwhelming, especially for companies without a dedicated recruitment team.

What we do is to streamline the way companies do recruitment for their entry-level positions. We grow and maintain a large pool of candidates through our use of effective sourcing tools and strategies. We are not just talking about regular candidates here. These are candidates who hold degrees and some of whom have underwent intensive training through our sponsorship to make them more qualified for roles.

Once companies become our clients, we assess their workforce needs and put in our effort to match their open positions with the right candidates. Through our approach, we have done successful placements, many of which resulted to better prodductivity and retention rates for companies.

Dedicated Recruitment Team

Candidates and employers come to us because we know what works and what does not when it comes to recruitment in today's job market. We owe our expertise to the people who make up our recruitment team, which has a combined 15 years of experience in the industry. We provide solutions that work, and we work hard to deliver on what is expected of us. Put it simply, we are a dedicated team of recruitment and human resource specialists that is willing to go out of their way to make employment happen.

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Positions Begins Here at Julie Ann Consulting

Fast, Reliable, and Straightforward Entry-Level Recruiting

Giving Opportunities to Black, Asian, and Minority
Ethnic (BAME) Individuals

A recent study conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has found that there remains a significant lack of racial diversity in many UK organisations. Many people from BAME background say that discrimination is still a problem they encounter when searching for a job, and that their career progression is not as fast compared to their white British counterparts. All these are unacceptable, and change has to be done to allow everyone, regardless of their identity and background, to have proper access to work and progression in their organisations.

Julie Ann Consulting strongly believes that everyone should have equal access to work and opportunities. This is why we have made it our social responsibility to provide career trainings that encompass a variety of sectors including administration, business management, finance, and marketing, among others. The career trainings we host are free and are targeted for young people aged 18-20. They are also part of our initiative to assist those in the BAME group in growing their skills and expanding their work opportunities and enhancing their career progression later on.

We hope to roll out our career trainings to colleges and universities in the UK. We plan on making them available to students who are in their second-year of attendance and onwards, so they can start out their training early and can also complement their internships or work placement if they have any.

Through our career trainings, we believe that more individuals will be able to carry out career exploration and have better awareness of the kind of demands, responsibilities, and challenges that a particular sector or role they want to pursue. With that, they can be more employable and prepared to enter the labour market.

Assisting New Graduates and
Career Switchers

Searching for a job is hard work and this is the reality that majority of new graduates, career switchers, and even those returning to the workforce have to contend with. Julie Ann Consulting wants to help reduce the burden by offering our assistance during the job search process. If you are one of those mentioned above, you can get in touch with us to receive professional assistance in the following areas:

Career Exploration

Professional Development Through Training

Job and Company Matching

CV Enhancement Assistance and Interview Preparation

Career Information and Advice

Julie Ann Consulting has helped launch the career of thousands of new graduates throughout the UK. With our expertise and experience in recruitment, many of the candidates we have assisted went to secure full-time employment for different companies. Likewise, we have helped numerous small- and medium-sized companies save time, effort and cost in filling their entry-level open positions by streamlining the recruitment process. Our door is always open to help both candidates and employers in the recruitment process.