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Welcome to Julie Ann Consulting!
The Specialist in Entry Level Recruitment.

Recruitment is a notoriously difficult and stressful process. On the part of job seekers, having the right qualifications is essential to compete with other applicants for a similar position. This puts new graduates at a serious disadvantage, due to their lack of skills and work experience. On the part of employers, there is always an ongoing war for talented candidates. Attracting the right ones usually takes too long and too expensive, especially for small- and medium-sized firms.

Julie Ann Consulting wants to help make recruitment simpler and easier for both job seekers and companies. Using our expertise and insider knowledge, we deliver the best possible solutions that will help candidates, especially new graduates, kick-start their careers, and assist companies in filling their entry-level vacancies.

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What You can Expect from Julie Ann Consulting?

If you are a candidate, tapping into Julie Ann Consulting's service is one of the best steps you can take to speed up your job search and get the role you want. If you are an employer, we can help fill up your entry-level vacancies with high-calibre candidates. We always do our best to deliver top quality service to our clients, so here are the things you can expect from us.

Excellent Knowledge of the Labour Market

Assistance from Experienced and Dedicated Recruiters

Wider Network, Extended Reach

Cost- and Time-Efficient Recruitment Solution

Taking the Stress Out of Recruitment
and Job Hunting. That is What We Do Best.